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Special Services

We are very pleased to be able to offer some special services at the Family Medicine Center at Asylum Hill. These special services truly help make us a Patient-Centered Medical Home. 

Obstetrical care - Having a baby is a very special time and having a doctor who can care for both the mother and the baby is really medical care at its best. Since we provide women's health services, we often care for women before they become pregnant and continuing their care during pregnancy is a logical next step. We deliver our babies at Saint Francis Hospital  in the New Beginnings Family Birth Care center.After the birth, we can continue to care for the baby through his or her life. Dr. Robin Gold is the coordinator of obstetrical services. Many of our senior physicians teach our residents to provide obstetrical care.  If needed, we work in collaboration with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists at the hospital for all pregnancies that are more complicated. 

Sports Medicine - Dr. Matthew Hall is the fellowship director for sports medicine.  Dr. Hall and the sports medicine fellows provide care in the subspecialty of sports medicine. They have expertise in concussions, other sports-related injuries as well as ongoing sports-related problems and have the capability of using modalities such as ultrasound to help them with their assessments. When appropriate, they are able to performs injections to help relieve pain and improve function. The sports medicine team provides side-line medical care at football games at Hartford High Schools as well as other services to teams in Connecticut including teams at the University of Connecticut.  

Social work and mental health/counseling services - We recognize that life can be difficult and stressful. We have excellent staff available who can help you (in collaboration with your physician) navigate the difficult times. We are pleased to have Jacqueline Guajardo,PhD.  working with us at the Family Medicine Center at Asylum Hill. All have had extensive experience working with individuals and families.  Other staff members also assist in obtaining necessary services, if appropriate. Dr. Hugh Blumenfeld, one of the senior physicians, sees patients in consultation to help manage medications, if needed. 

Nutrition services -  We are pleased to have Sue Gebo (MPH, RD), a certified dietician-nutritionist as a consultant in the office. She provides nutrition counseling for individual patients upon referral of their physician. Ms Gebo also teaches the residents  at the practice so that they can incorporate nutrition education in their practices. 

Medication Management Services - We are pleased to have Maria Summa, PharmD, a licensed pharmacist, as a consultant in the office. She provides medication teaching and counseling for individual patients upon referral of their physician. Dr. Summa also teaches residents, medical students, and pharmacy students at the practice so that they can optimize medication outcomes for their patients.

Group visits - We  offer a number of group visits for our patients. In a group visit, persons with similar conditions get together  to learn more about their diagnosis as well as receive support and care. We currently have three groups:
Diabetes group - This is for Spanish-speaking patients and is lead by Dr. Kenia Mansilla. 
Obstetrical group - This for our pregnant patients and is lead by Dr. Robin Gold.
Weight loss group - This is for our patients who want help and support for losing weight. The group is lead by Sue Gebo, RD. 

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