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In order to provide our patients with the most personalized care possible, our physicians and staff are divided into three teams. When you become a patient here, you are assigned a primary care physician (PCP) who is a member of one of those teams. We always try to give you an appointment with your PCP. However, if your PCP is not available, another physician on the team will take care of you. Team members communicate with each other about patient care issues, thus ensuring optimal continuity of care. Our front office and nursing staff are skilled at assisting you with your health care needs as well.


Kenia Mansilla, MD
Smriti Ohri, MD
Brian Raitzin, MD
 Andria Matthews, MD
Elizabeth Darsan, MD
Jared Kozal, MD
Nirali Patel, DO 
Aakash Kaushik, MD
Adelaide Sefah, MD
Carli Wallace, MD


Hugh Blumenfeld, MD
Robin Gold, MD
Adam Perrin, MD
Kelley Sheller, MD
Daniela Gil Henao, MD
Kiran Lorick, MD
Aatif Hussain, MD
Erin Rosenberg, MD
Yukari Ueda, DO
Gian Grant-McGarvey, MD
Adriane Lui, MD


Fonda Gravino, MD
Eugene Orientale, MD
Tom Agresta, MD
Andrea Gillis, DO
Laura Bujold, DO
Alex Mafdali, MD
Dennay Burgess, MD
Sophia Rashid Khan, MD
Laura Chaplin, DO
Silky Kataria, MD
Emeka Okwudili, MD
Alexandra Galel, MD