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What is a Residency?

What does it mean to get my medical care at a residency practice?

All doctors attend medical school for four years and then seek further training (residency) in the specialty of their choice. The physicians at the Family Medicine Center at Asylum Hill all specialize in Family Medicine - a field where physicians treat the whole person and the whole family.  We have 21 residents in training and they stay for 3 years. If you are seen by one of our resident physicians, one of the senior physicians will also be reviewing your case. Decisions about your care will be made with input from both physicians. 

In addition to being a site for residents in training, we also are a site for training two fellows in sports medicine. Fellows are physicians who have completed medical school and three years of residency and have decided to seek even more training.

A residency is a place of learning. Everyone, senior physicians, resident physicians and staff strive to stay on top of the newest and best developments in medicine. Teaching occurs daily and learning is ongoing for everyone. We have the benefit of the expertise of all the subspecialty physicians at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center as well.  Our residents learn and train in the hospital as well as our office. 

 Residents in training and sports medicine fellows do not see patients at our East Hartford office, but the senior physicians from the East Hartford office help to teach our residents.

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